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Basket of pot sticker dumpling and basket of steamed dumplings


Mon: Closed
Tue–Sun: 9:00am–6:30pm

1017 South Park Street, Madison, WI 53715


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Welcome to Madison

If you are passing through the Madison area, we are very close to the highway.  Asian Sweet Bakery is the most traveler accessible Chinese Food in Madison! Get off of US 12 / 18 at the Park Street Exit.  After you pass the post office and the grocery store, we are on the right, one mile from the freeway exit. If you are visiting the campus and want to have some great, authentic meals, we are one mile south of the Arts and Science Building at the center of campus.


We offer take-out and counter service. We have a five table seating area that is currently closed due to Covid-19 in Wisconsin.


Need something a little different for your meeting? We are one of the best alternatives for Madison catering. Talk to us about options for catering, including vegan but not gluten free items.

Dumpling Time, United Dumpling, and Dumpling Kitchen

We have ZongZi! (粽子)


Arranged ingredients for making ZongZi Tzong Tzuh, alongside the finished product, bundles of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves
ZongZi (tzong tzuh) sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves


"Asian Sweet Bakery is Madison’s first Chinese bakery, and not only is it a fine and accessible introduction to Chinese bakeries, it offers some unexpectedly wonderful lunches and dinners. After two visits, I’m positively hooked. The bakery’s South Park Street location makes it a convenient place to stop if you need a quick meal or a box of goodies to take to a party, potluck or other event. Prices are ridiculously low, but don’t mention that to owner Ken Yan." Wisconsin State Journal, Samara Kalk Derby

"We stopped in on December 24th holiday and ate beef with bitter melon and congee with pork and century egg—the best. We ate all of the bitter melon which is a very healthy veggie!! We also purchased the veggie buns to take home for Christmas eve dinner." Susan P, Madison

"Been here 25+ times.The congee combo is a great deal!" -Suzanne Xu, Madison

"Great Asian bakery, just like what you'd find in Chinatown in Chicago. Everything is very affordable and buns are huge. We like the BBQ pork bun, fried pork bun, and sponge cake. The shrimp rice noodle crepes are my absolute favorite and my boys like the BBQ pork ones. I've also had their potstickers, noodles and rice dishes which are pretty good as well." Ali Eng